Monday, March 8, 2010

Myself transformed, a new openess in love; the ladies speak and are heard

Poetry of life has transformed me this day. My journey has born fruition in my own realization of unconditional love expressed in female form. These new words tie nature to my inner feminine spot -- touching me deep inside.

The words of the Troubadours have spoken for me as to the embrace of endurance and affirmation of the sorrow in love. This was my male expression of unconditional love - my historic focus on what my heart felt and knew.

Now, through the poetry of life, I have been transformed. I have added a new expression of love and relationships. This transformation journey is perhaps best illustrated by Joseph Campbell's discussion of Nietzsche:

Nietzsche, in Thus Spake Zarathustra. In a kind of parable, Nietzsche describes what he calls the three transformations of the spirit. The first is that of the camel, of childhood and youth. The camel gets down on his knees and says, "Put a load on me." This is the season for obedience, receiving instruction and the information your society requires of you in order to live a responsible life.

But when the camel is well loaded, it struggles to its feet and runs out into the desert, where it is transformed into a lion -- the heavier the load that had been carried, the stronger the lion will be. Now, the task of the lion is to kill a dragon, and the name of the dragon is "Thou shalt." On every scale of this scaly beast, a "thou shalt" is imprinted: some from four thousand years ago; others from this morning's headlines. Whereas the camel, the child, had to submit to the "thou shalts," the lion, the youth, is to throw them off and come to his own realization.

And so, when the dragon is thoroughly dead, with all its "thou shalts" overcome, the lion is transformed into a child moving out of its own nature, like a wheel impelled from its own hub. No more rules to obey. No more rules derived from the historical needs and tasks of the local society, but the pure impulse to living of a life in flower.

What was the outcome of this recent transformation? A true understanding of unconditional love and working together in my future relationships. A new way of relating my heart to the world, a new way of living. Nothing less than an entirely new life.

A reader of my blog shared interaction with me and provided me with a female version of my Troubadour ideals:

Molly Venter; Can I Love a Man the Way I Love a Mountain
(Available on iTunes)

The day is over and I'm standing outside
Watching clouds drag their shadows cross the hillside
And the streets are all empty now, the kids have gone home
So I walk the gardens alone
I'm in love with the way I am touched by the wind
It is soft as a lover on my skin

And I don't cling at it or grasp at it or tell it how to change
I don't make up stories I don't beg it not to go away
Can people hold each other close and still feel free
To have that kind of love, you know I would let die part of me

Can I love a man the way I love a mountain
Can I love a man the way I love the sea
I let the beauty of a sunset break my heart a thousand times
And I keep coming back to feel it beat?
I keep coming back to feel my heart beat

And I read about the raven and how it mates for life
And when one passes on, it isn't long,
You'll hear its fading cry
I have loved like that before but I did not die of grief
I learned the more I open up my heart the more I'm gonna bleed
(But it's a good thing my friend)

So I will take these broken wings
I'm gonna take these broken eyes
And take these broken wings and learn to fly, fly....

I want so bad to let you in this house
The way I run out in a storm and let the rain fall in my mouth
I've been holding up so scared to feel the pain
Oh but I still love the fire and I have
Been burned by the flame

Can I love a man the way I love a mountain
Can I love a man the way I love the sea
I let the beauty of a sunset break my heart a thousand times
And I keep coming back, I keep coming back, I keep coming back....

I'm here ladies, no promises have been made; invitations to all the universe have been sent out. Take as much time as you need. I suggest Facebook messaging as the way to reach me.

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