Sunday, February 28, 2010

Better half...

I openly declare that at this point in life, I'm going against this society's current common wisdom and education...

I want a relationship that changes me. I am not perfect, I want someone who helps make me better. I want to help someone else be better. I want us to both be a better half for each other.

I'm saying... I have issues, and I hope the other person helps me with those issues. I'm saying: I have issues!


  1. So tell me, do you have this person already and you're working through these things together, or you are looking for this person?

    I have issues too! And sometimes, because I'm a thinker, I have more issues!

  2. Well Sarah - it complicated. I have one girl I'm dating now over 3 months... who just isn't impressed with me as I am with her. So a rejection, but she hasn't entirely sent me away. And unconditional love (from me to her) still feels awesome, so I do my best to not be attached. So that means being honest with other suiters, being honest with her that I want more, and accepting that life is life.

    There's another girl who has approached me that is very serious about long-term - but it's long distance.

    Oh the juggle, oh the juggle.

    Sarah - in terms of thinking and issues - the story of Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge. Thinking and knowledge - oh what a curse ;)

  3. Oh that darn Tree of Knowledge. ;)