Monday, February 1, 2010

Monday - February 1, 2009

My current status: Alone on the field. Not committed or promised to anyone. I'm not in any regular/committed sexual relationship either. I'm monogamous, but available. Not after "one night stands", but not afraid of "first of many nights". Isn't that special ;) ?

Monday, tonight's event: Erin Ivey show at The Ghost Room - 7:00pm. I'm in San Marcos.... so have to get to Austin. I'll probably have to borrow roommate's car. Roommate is wanting to stay home tonight, so just me.

It was 1099-MISC tax stuff today, so I'm looking for relaxing time... 7pm to 9pm at Erin's show is the kind of thing that sounds good. Open to a movie or whatnot if you wish. Let's work together...

My roommate: you are always welcome to go with me. There is no such thing as imposing on me when it comes to you. Why you put up with me is beyond the reach of my mind ;)

Girl #1 - well, I was married to you and loyal for 13 years... these days, I know there is less chance of you going out with me than there is the sun will explode tonight. Anyway, my heart has been purified on this matter, so I'm always open to see you. Friends or old times, ball is in your court.

Girl #2 - I'd love to see you tonight. I like you, but you decided you don't like me enough. Oh well, such is the way things go. But I still am pretty fresh off that romance, so the invite is very real. No matter what, I am your friend.

Girl #3 - well. I seem to step on your toes but I don't even know my way around. You seem so concerned about fixing yourself that you can't seem to realize that I just want to get to know you - even if it is just friends. I like you, but I don't know you... and I have strong desire to know you - better! Isn't that amazing‽ You are rather likable, nice, attractive... if I knew the right words, I'd bark them.

Any guys: Sure, of course, but there are lines drawn on how far love goes... I'm strictly hetro... at least as far as I've discovered to date.

Any unknown or overlooked love interests, business interests, friends, etc: Sure, of course. Contact me, I'll probably be alone tonight anyway ;)

I don't expect anyone is going to go out with me. That's just reality. I'm not trying to make a fool of those I'm pursuing, I'm just trying to be honest and open as to what's important in my life.

Tuesday: went alone, had a good time, enjoyed the show and being out of the house. I'm not afraid or unhappy being independent, I'm just trying to find a partner in crime.

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