Monday, February 1, 2010

Purpose of this blog

I've come to terms that I can be too much for most people. My expressions of interest and affection seem to actually drive some people away in my life. So, how is dating and romance supposed to work...

So, in Erotic Irony fashion, I'm going to just embrace this aspect of myself in a healthy way. I hope I have nothing to hide about my romances other than considering other people's privacy. It should be obvious that I'm an acquired taste, serious about my relationships, and a great big Quixotic fool.

If you think I'm a player, let me prove to you otherwise. I frankly suck at the dating and unfamiliar part... My heart know only long-term. My heart knows only that once I love you... I won't let go... unless you send me away. And even then, should I not express how I feel? At least I can send it to this Inbox of nothingness that only a few will grasp or bother. Mostly harmless, that's the idea.

Instead of putting romantic interests in the uncomfortable position of declining my offers, I'll post some here - open for anyone to read. Then I'm making a fool of myself, they can actually see that it is just the way I am, and maybe actually come to terms to accept me for that imperfect aspect of myself!

Thank you Thomas Mann for giving a name for what I all too often seem to accomplish with my love ;)


  1. I am glad to see that you have joined us in the blogging community and look forward to every word. I find you intriguing and actually quite there...I put myself out there too!!!! I am now your first and faithful follower :)

  2. Thanks Lora ;) I appreciate you take me serious... Hopefully this is a way I can express myself without being insensitive to individuals. Oh life, thou are complicated ;)